Hello! This is my webpage. It's mostly here to be a frontpage for some special things in the works. If you want to find The Story Collider or other things I've done, look below. If you want to read a more ecclectic collection of things I've written, there's my blog.

Co-founded in 2010 with Brian Wecht, The Story Collider is a place for true, personal stories about science. We have researchers, comedians, and everyone in between tell their stories live on stage, which we record to publish here.

The brainchild of Rose Eveleth, now assisted by me and Bora Zivkovic, Science Studio is a place to find great science multimedia. It's a lot like The Best American Science Writing 2012, but for science audio and video.

Erin Barker and I were invited to give a talk on the importance of storytelling in science for TEDMED's Great Challenges day 2013. Most of my time talking was telling one of my favorite stories, about heart attacks and impostor syndrome.

I'm a Contributing Editor at TED. As part of that I wrote a lot of talk summaries for the blog, which are here.

Images of Science

I wanted to know how people think about science -- particularly people not in my bubble. So I made a thing that gets images from twitter that come with the word science.